Monthly Technology Integration Workshops for Middle School teachers.

Inclusion of technology competencies for teachers at all levels of education is now a part of the expectations in teacher training programs.  This course addresses the need for technology education programs for veteran teachers educated prior to the emergence of educational technology. A goal will be to lay a solid foundation on which future skills can be developed. The course will address basic computer skills and operation, the application of personal productivity software tools such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation programs specifically for use by teachers and the application of technology in the classroom to facilitate learning, with a focus on the Internet and multimedia.

This course will address the application of technology in the classroom to facilitate learning using principles of Standards Based Education.  Activities will focus on incorporating technology into the Lesson and Unit Planning Process using the “Backward Design” model described by Wiggins and McTighe.  Multidisciplinary activities will be explored.  Ways in which technology facilitates the development of multiple intelligences, critical thinking skills, variety in presentation modes, and differentiation in instruction and assessment will be identified. The course will include advanced computer skills and operation and address skills necessary to help students achieve the Massachusetts Recommended Instructional Technology Standards for Students PreK - 12.