Welcome to Ms. Cassidy's class!
Band is the best reason to get up early. This is where you can find exercises for your instrument, cool tunes, helpful hints, and practice charts. If it's not there yet, please be patient (I'm new at this Moodle stuff). Mr. Nuccio
Here is a place to write about your reading and share your thoughts with your classmates.

Welcome to Mrs. Snow's Communication Zone!

Please refer to this site for all of my Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies assignments, handouts, and any pertinent presentations you would like to review.

Every attempt will be made to keep this site current with what takes place in the classroom. If no new assignment has been given or if we are still working on a presentation or concept, there may be no new information to update.

Also, please be aware that some presentations may be quite large. You may need to practice patience as they are being downloaded to your computer.

Please look around the site as there will be information added as I become more adept at using Moodle. There is a chat area defined although it will not work yet. To insure that my students are the only ones allowed to access the chat room, I am working to download their login and password they use for the school computers. My desire is to offer a location where you and I may interface about classroom topics, however, I will only offer it if I can insure a safe and secure environment in which to do so. I will update you when it is ready.